PUBG Mobile Guides Tii's Paige - May 31, 2020
Check out here new features that would be added on the new Fourex map.

PUBG Mobile has so far leaked four mysterious puzzle pieces implying its new upcoming map on their social media. Fans correctly guessed that it was the Fourex that would be launched in the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 big update. At present, the beta testing has been open for players to try out the map.

In this article, PUBG Mobile World will list 5 new features in the Fourex. Let’s check out.

#1: PUBG Mobile Fourex map size & theme

Each map in PUBG Mobile has its own theme. The Miramar is a desert, Erangel is a Military island near Russia, Sanhok is a South Asian island and the last island is Vikendi which is covered by white snow. As mentioned in our previous article, Fourex is a unique combination of these all 4 maps. That said, with a small size of 2x2, it would be the smallest map in the game.

Fourex Map Pubg
The Fourex is a unique combination of these all 4 maps in PUBG Mobile

#2: PUBG Mobile Fourex exclusive vehicle

An exclusive vehicle called “Monster Truck” with four giant wheels would come out in the Fourex. This vehicle is completely dissimilar from any other. Thanks to a special structure, it can run on almost terrains.

Fourex Map Pubg
A “Monster Truck” with four giant wheels would come out in the Fourex

Up to now, the Monster Truck has yet to be fully developed. It still lacks an engine sound.

#3: PUBG Mobile Fourex waterfalls

Waterfalls can be found in several areas on the Fourex map. Yet, it’s immensely interesting that you can go behind them to hide there. This means enemies outside can see you and conversely, you will not be able to see anything outside the waterfalls.

There are still some bugs when playing with the waterfalls in the beta version now.

#4: PUBG Mobile Fourex grass animation

In certain areas, grass would move whenever players go through them. This animation helps you detect the snake enemies more effortlessly.

Fourex Map Pubg
Grass in the Fourex would move whenever players go through them

#5: PUBG Mobile Fourex underground cave

On the new map, you would be able find an underground tunnel system which quite resembles the Erangel Bunker. There, loot spots are enough for some squads.

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