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Read on to get free character vouchers in PUBG Season 13.

There are totally three special characters in PUBG Mobile at this time: Carlo, Victor and Sara. According to leaks, the game developers would introduce a new PUBG Mobile Andy character on June 2, 2020. In order to possess these characters, it’s required to spend UCs or use your character vouchers.

Pubg Andy
New PUBG Mobile character Andy, coming out on June 2, would be the 4th character in the game.

So how to get the PUBG Mobile character vouchers in season 13 for free? Read on to find out the answer.

Pubg Character
How To Get Free PUBG Mobile Character Vouchers In Season 13?

As usual, apart from Victor, Carlo and Sara will cost you UCs: 1200 and 600 UCs, respectively. However, you can definitely open these two special characters for free if you have the same number of PUBG Mobile character vouchers earned by participating in various in-game events.

At this very moment, PUBG Mobile is hosting an event named “Relax and Take a Rest” taking place from May 25 to June 1. During the event, you need to complete several missions in the Classic Mode and collect five toy cars each day. After that, redeem the toy cars at Exchange for rewards section. Use 5 toy cars to earn 30 PUBG Mobile character vouchers.

PUBG Mobile character vouchers
You need to complete several missions in the Classic Mode and collect five toy cars each day

Overall, the missions in “Relax and Take a Rest” are not very difficult for players to complete. Let’s take a look at the list of daily missions and the numbers of toy cars you can get when they are accomplished below:

  • Mission #1: Complete 1 match: 1 toy car.
  • Mission #2: Complete 2 match: 1 toy car.
  • Mission #3: Cause 300 damage: 1 toy car.
  • Mission #4: Recover a total of 100 HP: 1 toy car.
  • Mission #5: Place in Top #10 in 2 matches: 1 toy car.

Remember that the toy cars during this event are time-limited items; therefore, it’s advisable to collect them right after accomplishing the daily missions. Subsequently, redeem them before they are expired.

Pubg Character Voucher
Use 5 toy cars to get 30 PUBG Mobile character vouchers

The “Relax and Take a Rest” will terminate after June 1, so hurry up, join now and earn as many PUBG Mobile character vouchers as possible to unlock special characters in the game.

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