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Pro players in PUBG Mobile prefer to engage in mid-range combat to clear enemies safely. Here are the top 5 tips you should use in these situations.

Mid-range combat is also a popular situation in PUBG Mobile, especially in esports tournaments. Pro players in this battle royale game prefer to engage in mid-range combat to clear enemies safely because face-to-face and close combat are riskier.

#1. Choose Stable Assault Rifles

The best weapons for mid-range combat in PUBG Mobile are assault rifles (ARs). SMGs and Shotguns are very weak in this range of combat while SRs and DMRs have lower rates of fire. But not all ARs works well in mid-range combat. You should choose stable ARs with low recoil and high accuracy.

Pubg Mobile M416
M416 is the best gun for mid-range engagements.

5.56 ARs, such as M416, G36C, QBZ, and SCAR-L are the most reliable weapons for sharp-shooters. As these weapons have lower recoil, you can spray bullets with higher accuracy. Besides, all of these guns support both full-auto and single firing modes. Therefore, you can switch to the single firing mode to finish the target.

#2. Always Loot 4x/6x Scope

Pro players in this shooting game always have a 6x or 6x scope in their backpack to get ready for mid-range engagements. As ARs do not support 8x scopes, you don't need to loot this large scope for long-range combat. If you cannot find a 4x or 6x scope, use a 3x scope instead.

Always Have A 4x Or 6x Scope
Always have a 4x or 6x scope

#3. Practice Praying With 4x/6x

Before engaging in rank matches, you should practice spraying with 4x and 6x scopes. As these ARs have pretty great vertical recoil, players have to master recoil control in the training ground. Because most players in PUBG Mobile will move when getting shot, you have to practice praying at moving target in this training mode. Try to drag the aim button down and make the crosshair stable.

Master Mid Range Spray
Master mid-range spray

#4. Use Compensator

The best muzzle for the mid-range spray is a compensator. Or else, you can use a flash hider instead because the compensator is harder to loot. The suppressor in this game only reduces the sound of the gun. It does not help reduce the gun recoil. Meanwhile, the compensator helps minimize both vertical and horizontal recoil.

Use Compensator
Use a compensator to make the gun stable.

#5. Crouch Or Prone

Crouching and prone are not recommended for close combat. However, they work really well in mid-range combat in PUBG Mobile. These poses will give you a stable prop for the gun. So, it will recoil less when you pray bullets to the target, especially the moving target.

Those are the top 5 tips you should use in PUBG Mobile mid-range combat. They will help you get pro quickly and rank up fast.

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