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This article is a review of PUBG Mobile Lite that was specially designed to meet the needs of players who only have low-end mobile phones.

In the past year, if someone received a question about their favorite mobile game, most people would definitely answer that they liked PUBG Mobile most. There is no difficulty in knowing the reason – its appearance is similar to that of the game which is transferred from the consoles, the way it works is similar to that from the consoles, and there is no fee when downloading this game. Most interestingly, the mobile device suitable for this game could cost as cheap as Rs 12,000. These characteristics contributed to its dominant position on the mobile platform. And there was nothing wrong with this fact.

The introduction of PUBG Mobile Lite to meet the needs of some players

But in the market, there was actually a want created by PUBG Mobile and everyone sought after this game, even the ones who only owned cheap low-end mobile devices. In order to meet the needs of these players, the staff of PUBG Mobile introduced the PUBG Mobile Lite. Currently, this version, which was optimized to make the game suitable for low-end phones, has been rolled out in India. It also gives its word about lots of things stated on paper (more correctly, on Play Store).

As claimed by PUBG Mobile team, they will provide authentic experience with PUBG for people using phones that only have 2GB RAM. This raised a question for me about the way they made it happen. PUBG Mobile is a standard and toning down the visual effects and eliminating a majority of features creating the PUBG game that we are familiar with is the only method to optimize the game. With a feeling of excitement, I decided to give PUBG Mobile Lite a try on the Motorola One Vision (yeah, that is the phone with the lowest quality I had ever used)

Similar to first version of PUBG Mobile with lowest visual effects

The lite version is similar to the earliest version of PUBG Mobile

To me, I always consider PUBG Mobile a benchmark for the graphics of mobile games. After its very first appearance, many gamers, including me, went crazy about the GTA-style visual effects of this game. As time passed, there have been many improvements in the graphics. As a result, it’s difficult the get the satisfying feeling from PUBG Mobile Lite.

Frankly speaking, the appearance of this version is not as beautiful as that of the main version. The textures and graphics look like being whitewashed by somebody before the game was released in the market. While the textures on houses, grass, trees, walls, vehicles, and rivers are plainly simple, the appearance of the cover of the ground is bland. This version is nowhere enjoyable in comparison to the main version. The lite version also lacked the amazing effects of weather appearing in PUBG Mobile.

But if considering the fact that this version was designed for a 2GB-RAM phone, it’s reasonable to see this kind of graphics. The low-resolution textures allow the lite version to work wonderfully fast. Even when you turn your character around in places with many people, there is no broken frame appearing in the game. However, those visual effects are just the most common foundation. What you need from this version is PUBG experience.

Only Erangel map is available in the lite version now

Presently, there is only an Erangel map available and although the game is only equipped with whitewashed textures and graphics, I still find it interesting to shoot and kill enemies. In this optimized version, this map has been deprived of vibrancy, and sometimes, the game becomes dull. However, considering that this version can be played on a phone that costs only Rs 6,000, it’ll be no long big deal when playing it.

The feeling is much the same as PUBG Mobile without authentic experience

Besides the visual effects, gameplay physics is another factor that attracts public attention to PUBG Mobile. Many people around the world were impressed with the game’s console-like physics, including concerns about the air direction that may have an effect on your shot from the rooftop and gun recoil. With nowadays standards, this mobile game is extremely unique. Sadly, in the lite version, this kind of experience has been toned down for the sake of its compatibility with low-end phones.

Many effects have been toned down for the sake of the lite version’s compatibility

However, the similar last man standing gameplay of PUBG is still available in this lite version. With the aim of providing users with a smooth experience, PUBG Mobile team has eliminated a few much detailed actions in order for the resources to receive the lighter load. For this reason, wind effects on bullets, gun recoil, and different minor features have been skipped. The team also dilutes some special effects, including the characters’ body language and blood splattering, to reduce the pressure over the resources.

Is this a really bad thing? I think the answer is definitely no if you have interests in the easier version of PUBG Mobile. As a few complex parameters have disappeared, the lite version of PUBG Mobile is a game that you can point and shoot easily. You can take a jump from the rooftop, point your gun at the rival, and give his head a shot and continue to aim at another guy. This is the things that the lite version will provide players. There will also be similar movements of PUBG Mobile, including lying down, crouching, and running. Remember that you’re not completely invisible when you’re hiding in the grass.

There’s a variety of weapons available across the map; however, the amount of ammunition is quite rare. When playing the game, I usually lacked ammo and was compulsory to get to the building nearby to refill it. As the player is required to shoot many bullets to kill a rival, which is an opportunity for the prey to run away, the amount of ammo is even increasing. There were many popular rifles and machine guns; however, the variety isn’t as much as that of PUBG Mobile.

There are only 60 players on one map in the lite version

Vehicles can also be used by players when they want to go around, which is the same as the main version. The normal array of Erangel vehicles is also available, ranging from the slow but safe UAZ to buggy with a higher speed to mown down rivals and move around.

Though the largest difference between these two versions is the number of people playing in one map has been reduced. The number will be 60, instead of 100 in the main version. It’s much more interesting to me as the number of preys will be lesser and the game will end faster even when you’re choosing the Classic match mode.


Undoubtedly, the lite version of PUBG Mobile is a wonderful online shooting game from a third person’s view with a lot of features that can provoke your continuous interest. It’s also a good method to kill your free time as you can easily play the game on a Realme C2 or a Redmi 7A. If you already gave PUBG Mobile a try, you may have the feeling that PUBG Mobile Lite is missing out on lots of similar PUBG features. In addition, presently, only Erangel map is available.

On the other hand, if last year, we haven’t seen the main version of PUBG Mobile, this lite version would have been a disaster to players. However, it’s pretty good in the situation that your phone is cheap and low-end. This online shooting game is definitely enjoyable and because its weight is only 400MB in total, I recommend that you should give it a try at a time. If PUBG Mobile is already on your smartphone, you can don’t need to pay attention to this.

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