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In PUBG Mobile Season 13, there are 8 different ranks that measure the skill levels of each player. Let’s find out more about PUBG Mobile Ranking System 2020.

As you all know, PUBG Mobile players, based on their competence, are classified into tiers using the PUBG Mobile Ranking System. In season 13, the rank system is composed of eight different ranks. Most of PUBG players want to conquer the higher tiers to compete against the elites. Here is how PUBG Mobile Ranking System season 13 works.

Pubg Mobile Ranking System 2020
In season 13, the rank system is composed of eight different ranks

PUBG Mobile ranking system explained

Players can increase their rankings in PUBG Mobile by playing ranked matches that give them Rank Points (RP) based on their performances in the matches. Depending upon the rank you achieve at the end of season, you would be awarded with corresponding exclusive rewards. The higher rank you reach, the better rewards you pick.

Pubg Mobile Ranking System 2020
layers can increase their rankings in PUBG Mobile by playing ranked matches that give them Rank Points (RP)

Furthermore, each game mode has a different ranking system, implying that RPs for Solo mode will be awarded separately than for Squad or Duo.

Once a new season is kicked off, your rank from the last season will be reset. However, a part of the previous season’s ending RPs may also determine your starting rank in the new season.

PUBG Mobile Ranking System 2020

1. Bronze rank

After completing the first match, Bronze rank will be given to players. There are 5 tiers in this rank, from Bronze V to Bronze I. Most players in this rank are newbie. Lots of bots also present here.

Bronze Rank
Bronze Rank

2. Silver rank

Silver rank comes after Bronze I. Similarly, the rank ranges from Silver V to Silver I. Players will still meet bots in this rank.

Silver Rank
Silver Rank

3. Gold rank

The next rank in PUBG Mobile ranking system season 13 is Gold rank, going from Gold V to Gold I. Generally, players in Gold rank own good experience, as well as basic knowledge about the game.

Pubg Gold Rank
Gold Rank

4. Platinum rank

Gold rank is followed by Platinum, running from Platinum V to Platinum I. To be sorted in this rank, you must be a quite experienced player. The frequency of seeing bots also goes down.

Pubg Platinum Rank
Platinum Rank

5. Diamond rank

Passing Platinum I, then you will conquer Diamond V rank. Here you will face up to high-skilled players. In other words, the gameplay’s level in Diamond is also gradually better than in lower ranks.

Pubg Diamond Rank
Diamond Rank

6. Crown rank

Crown V comes after the completion of Diamond I. The Crown rank becomes competitive, witnessing fierce combats of pro players.

Pubg Crown Rank
Crown Rank

7. Ace rank

Sitting after the Crown I is Ace rank. Dissimilar to all above-mentioned ranks, there are not tiers in Ace. Players that achieve this rank are all incredibly skilled ones and master using in-game items and weapons.

Pubg Ace Rank
Ace Rank

8. Conqueror rank

Conqueror rank is the highest rank in PUBG Mobile Ranking System 2020. Only top 500 players in any server of a particular season are honored with the Conqueror badge.

Pubg Conqueror Rank
Conqueror Rank

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