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In this post, PUBG Mobile World is going to list out top locations to get the flare gun in the Mad Miramar Map.

The PUBG Mobile new Mad Miramar has so far got a significant update with a wide range of changes: new features, new locations, and new weather effects, etc. Besides, the change also covers the drop places.

In this post, PUBG Mobile World would introduce the top locations where players can obtain the Flare Gun, the most useful items in Mad Miramar.

Mad Miramar
The new Mad Miramar map update has dramatically changed the experience in PUBG Mobile.

1. Best Locations To Get Flare Guns

Perhaps the Flare Gun and its crate drop weapons are the most controversy items in this game title since every gun from the crate is enormously powerful. The chance of victory would extremely be boosted if you get the guns like Mk14 or AWM from a crate on hands. With surprising long-range one-shot potential, these guns can perform faultlessly in a big map in PUBG Mobile, the new Mad Miramar map to be specific.

The top three locations to get the Flare Guns we would like to list out here are the Prison, Pecado and Hacienda Del Patron. These locations are all highly-contested hot zones where players can spot one or even multiple guns.

Miramar Map 1
The top three locations to get the Flare Guns we would like to list out here are the Prison, Pecado and Hacienda Del Patron

In Prison, head to the brick house. In Pecado, get to either the Casino, the Arena, the L-buildings or the Hotels. And lastly, the Villa in Hacienda Del Patron is the right place you need to go.

Apart from these top three locations, there are also several other places with slightly lower chances as follows:

  • Power Grid: Warehouses
  • San Martin: No fixed locations
  • Impala: The Church
  • Monte Nuevo: The Coliseum
  • El Pozo: The Boxing Ring
  • Graveyard: The Burial Ground & the Church
  • Los Leones: The yellow restaurants, the tall, blue-trimmed office buildings or the brick warehouses

2. PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Sandstorm Secrets

To spot the original location of the Miramar Sandstorm, it’s advisable to always keep an eye on the mini-map when dropping. On both beta and original PUBG Mobile versions, you can find a crate named “Miramar’s supply crate” in the middle of the storm. Once the crate spawns, land in the middle then loot it to gain a Flare Gun. Now, call the real crate to take a weapon!

Secret Miramar
A secret “Miramar’s supply crate” can be spotted in the middle of the sandstorm in Mad Miramar map

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